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Volleyball at ACS is an opportunity for young ladies to have fun while competing in an incredible sport. Our hope is that the girls learning teamwork, communication, discipline and hard work. A saying that I was told a long time ago, and adopted, is that " the definition of fun is doing difficult things well". Volleyball is a difficult sport with very specific skills. Our goal in the volleyball program is to help our athletes master the fundamental skills needed to be successful from middle school to junior varsity to varsity. 
Volleyball at ACS just completed their most successful season in recent memory. Our team finished with 20 wins while advancing to the second round of our conference tournament for the first time in our senior class' career. ACS graduated six seniors during the 2017-18 school year, which creates new opportunity for leadership and playing time for our younger players. 
Coaching Staff:
Varsity Head Coach: Daniel Kempf
JV Head Coach: Shannon Salum
Middle School Coach: DeAnne Stradley