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6th Grade
English Grammar/Composition/Literature
Math 6 
Science 6/Health
New World History
Bible - New Testament
Physical Education 
7th Grade
English Grammar/Composition/Literature
Math 7 or Pre Algebra
Life Science
Georgia History
Bible - Old Testament 
Physical Education 
8th Grade
English Grammar/Composition/Literature
Pre Algebra or Algebra I
Earth Science or Physical Science
American History
Bible - Life of Christ
Physical Education
Each student will have two elective periods per day. The students have the opportunity to request two electives. This can persist of one study hall and one enriching elective. Students may choose to select two enriching electives if they do not need a study hall in middle school. Students are not permitted to select two study halls (Current Events and Literature Appreciation are classified as study halls)
Band, Chorus, Computer Science, Art, Drama, Introduction to Spanish, Weight Training, Agriculture Science/FFA, Math/English Support, Current Events, Literature Appreciation