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Education and Curriculum Approach

The elementary educational experience is comprised of instruction in five core subject areas: English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Bible.  Multiple curriculums along with credentialed professionals with a myriad of experience collaborate to round out the learning experience.

Early reading utilizes phonetic methods and includes content-rich texts exposing children to a wide range of literacy through poems, rhymes, songs, and chants promoting phonological awareness. Children begin to learn sounds and sight words in the early kindergarten program while novel studies are incorporated in later elementary years as students develop a love for reading. To promote progress as well as a love for reading, the Accelerated Reader Program is encouraged for all students where efforts toward individual goals are rewarded weekly.

Students are taught cursive handwriting in kindergarten using fun, engaging, and developmentally appropriate instructional methods designed to facilitate mastery at an early age enabling students to write with ease throughout the school experience. Creative writing and journaling is practiced daily across curriculum as a way to express emotion and feelings as well as to improve communication skills. Math is approached in a very clear cut, hands-on manner,  allowing students to practice in small groups as they gain understanding. Students are encouraged to learn math facts in order to work with accuracy while simultaneously applying problem solving skills that will be used throughout life.