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Private Christian schooling is a financial sacrifice that we recognize, but do consider it an investment made by the family.  Athens Christian School tries to keep tuition to a minimum. Tuition payments begin in June and are computed on an annual basis. Students who enroll after June will have the option of a monthly payment plan and tuition will be calculated based on the months remaining. Please see the fee sheet for payment plan due dates.


New Student Application/ENROLLMENT Fee

Kindergarten- $25 application fee and $150 enrollment fee
1st-12th Grade - $50 application fee and $250 enrollment fee
*these fees are non-refundable



Continuous Enrollment Fee

For current families non-refundable continuous enrollment fee is $150 per student annually, capped at $500 per family. If a family opts out of continuous enrollment and decides to re-enroll after March 1 the enrollment fee will be $250.  


Other Anticipated Expenses

Athletic Fees
Extended Day
Field Trips
Milk Break (K3 - 3rd Grade)
Resource Services
Supply Fee (Kindergarten-Elementary)
Technology Fee
School Transportation


Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Withdrawal Fee - New Students – One additional month of tuition; Returning Students – $950 per student.


Tuition by Grade Level

K3 and K4  - Tuition Totals:  $4,685
Kindergarten  -  4th - Tuition Total:  $7,385
5th - Tuition Total:  $7,905
6th-8th - Tuition Total:  $8,185
9th-12th - Tuition Total:  $8,685
International Student - Tuition Total:  $12,000 (fees included)

Family Tuition - Multi-Child Discount

This is a unique program offered through Athens Christian School that is beneficial for families with three or more students. The third student in the family pays one half tuition and all additional children are tuition free, paying only the student book fee ($540 per year). If a student qualifies for the 50% or 100% tuition break is in K3 or K4, a milk fee applies to that student.