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Athens Christian High School is a college preparatory environment that seeks to train the whole student.  As Jesus increased in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man (Luke 2:52), we believe that we are training each student to grow academically (wisdom), physically (stature), spiritually (favor with God), and in character and reputation (favor with man). The curriculum of ACS is designed to meet these goals.

Students must have at least 26 credits (28 for advanced diploma) to graduate.  In addition to the core classes, students must have 3 elective credits including one fine art credit.

General College Preparatory Curriculum (Core)

Bible: (4 credits)
9th New Testament Survey
10th Old Testament Survey
11th Apologetics
12th Life of Christ/Character Development
Social Studies: (4 credits)
9th Cultural Geography
10th World History
11th US History
12th Economics/Government
English/Language Arts (4 credits)
9th Literature and Grammar
10th World Literature
11th American Literature
12th English Literature
Mathematics (4 credits)
9th Algebra I
10th Algebra II
11th Geometry
12th Algebra III
12th Statistics
Science (4 credits)
9th Physical Science
10th Biology
11th Chemistry
Languages (1 credit)
10th Spanish I
10th Latin I
11th Spanish II
11th Latin II
Physical Education (1 credit)
9th Health/Personal fitness
General Education (1 credit)
12th Speech
12th Senior Seminar

Advanced College Preparatory Curriculum

Social Studies
11th AP US History
12th AP US Government
9th CPA Literature and Grammar
10th CPA World Literature
11th AP Grammar and Composition/American Literature
12th AP Literature and Composition/English Literature
Mathematics (Advanced students will complete 5 credits of mathematics)
8th CPA Algebra I
9th CPA Algebra II
10th CPA Geometry
11th Precalculus
12th AP Calculus
12th Statistics
Science (Advanced students will complete 5 credits of sciences)
8th Physical Science
9th Biology
10th CPA Chemistry
11th Anatomy
12th Physics
12th Chemistry II
Languages (Advanced students will complete 2 language credits)
12th Spanish III
12th Latin III


Fine Arts
Media and Film I
Media and Film II
Chorus (available 4 years)
Symphonic Band (available 4 years)
Drama (available 4 years)
Art (half credit)
Computer Graphic Design (half credit)
Computer Applications
Online Coding
Bible/Spiritual Development
Bible Quizzing
Praise and Worship
Agricultural Education
Agricultural Science
Animal Science
Electrical Wiring
Equine Science
Physical Education
Weight Training

Advanced Placement

Athens Christian offers five advanced placement courses for which students may earn college credit provided they score well on the AP exams. As noted in the curriculum, these courses are offered in US History, American Government, Calculus, Grammar and Composition, and Literature and Composition.  

Dual Enrollment

To supplement the advanced diploma, Athens Christian School has partnered with Truett McConnell University to offer high school and college dual credit for students who qualify and who are interested in taking course for college credit.  Sophomores and juniors with a 3.7 GPA and seniors with a 3.5 GPA may apply to take up to two credits each semester for dual credit. These courses are offered online form TMU, so the students do not have to leave campus to complete coursework.  Courses are available to supplement or replace courses in the advanced program.