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Middle school students have several means by which they might encounter God and begin to journey with him for a lifetime:

Campus Thrive

Campus Thrive is a Christian club held by middle school students for their classmates, all with the goal of growing together as followers of Jesus. Middle school student leaders plan and put on a fun club meeting each Thursday morning, with funny skits, worship music, a bible lesson, student testimonies and more.  

Daily Bible Classes

Middle school students are involved in daily Bible classes to help them hear God's voice and obey.  These classes are taught by their middle school teachers.  Bible classes cover topics such as Overview of the New Testament, the Book of Acts, the Book of Judges and Old Testament Prophets, and other devotional books.  

Weekly Chapel Services

Each week, middle school students meet together on Thursday mornings to connect with God and with one another.  Chapel services are led by the high school Leadership and Praise Teams. During chapel services, students experience fun activities, interviews with their classmates and teachers, student-made videos, Biblical messages, and engaging worship.