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Middle school is a time where students explore new things, have new levels of freedom and higher expectations in their academic pursuits.  
The theme for our middle school is "becoming who I am". We believe that all people are image bearers of God and therefore, have innate value. Each student has great value and potential, but achieving that potential requires accountability, effort and desire. With that in mind, we have adopted a culture building system that we call R3. R3 encompasses the areas of relationships, responsibility and respect. These areas exemplify the culture we want to establish in our middle school.
Relationships - Show courageous kindness
Responsibility - Pursue excellence. Don't make excuses. Do what is right.
Respect - Be the kind of person that you would want to lead.
Our belief is that success in these three areas fosters a school environment that students want to be a part of.  
At Athens Christian Middle School, students have the opportunity to participate in competitive extra curricular activities. Students can be involved in the marching band, Bible Quiz Team, interscholastic sports, and FFA. These activities provide new and specialized opportunities depending on your child's desires. Many of our students participate in multiple after school activities, which helps create a well rounded person.