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Kindergarteners at Athens Christian benefit from Abeka, a phonics based curriculum that centers around  Biblical foundations and content.  Every subject is approached from a Christian perspective, with scriptural and Biblical principles used to teach concepts.  Each class participates in a specific Bible lesson every day. 
K3 learning standards include language, movement, cognitive and social/emotional development.  A foundation of phonemic awareness and comprehension will prepare students for early reading success.  Mathematical concepts are introduced along with early science and social studies topics.  Our program seeks to build life skills with a focus on growing social skills.  
K4 students will continue to build phonemic skills and will begin reading groups midway through the school year.  The curriculum includes Bible lesson time, mathematics, phonics, and language development.  Students continue to build social awareness and life skills. Seasonal craft projects and music lessons foster an appreciation for the arts.  
K5 students will continue to progress their reading skills and will improve fluency in reading while also building their knowledge of mathematics, science, social studies and handwriting.  K5 students begin cursive writing.  Art, music, literary appreciation and Bible classes are also taught. 
Chapel is held each Friday and students enjoy PE each day!