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The main goal of the Lower School, as indicated in the school mission statement, is to provide your child with an excellent academic experience as well as a transformational spiritual mentorship. A committed group of Christian professionals seeks to build a firm academic and spiritual foundation for your child that can be strengthened during the middle and high school years. Through instruction, Scripture is integrated and a biblical worldview nurtured as well as developed in the life of each student.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to teach students about a great big God who loves them and created them for a purpose, all while leading students in learning more about the world around them through the lens of Scripture.

Athens Christian School shapes the minds, hearts, and bodies of students to instill them with the wisdom, knowledge, and servant leadership required to succeed in today’s dynamic, ever-changing world. ACS assists parents in preparing today’s youth for tomorrow’s future by focusing on spiritual, academic, social, and emotional components, determined to produce a well-rounded student equipped to better serve God, family, community and our nation.