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At Athens Christian, we believe that technology integration and understanding is imperative for well-rounded social and academic development. Navigating the digital world can be challenging but very rewarding if done properly. Purposeful introduction, instruction, and balance enables students to thrive in a digital world and to make a positive difference in the lives of others - truly reflecting the Glory of God. 

Resourceful Introduction: In an effort to improve student engagement, productivity,  and growth, our 1:1 Chromebook program offers digital resources right at their fingertips. Middle School and High School students are assigned filtered devices for the duration of their academic career. Lower School students have 1:1 access to comparable filtered devices while on campus via convenient classroom carts.

Purposeful Instruction: We understand that technology is more than just fun and games - it’s a powerful tool when you know how to use it. Our comprehensive approach teaches age appropriate skills in a balanced environment. Foundational Lower School computer science electives, including STEM lab rotations, are offered weekly. Advanced Upper School courses such as Graphic Design and Digital Marketing, are offered by term on PCs and Apple workstations for progressive studies. Fine Arts programs are taught digital integration with soundboards and media production offering real world knowledge and experience.

Promoting Balance: We believe it is necessary to empower parents and stakeholders, improving awareness as digital content evolves. ACS has invested in an online learning platform to cultivate family discussions about trending technology, media, and apps. Students are all too familiar with these, and we feel parents should be as well to help set informed healthy guidelines with confidence. As such, ACS families have unlimited access to an online portal loaded with current resources and classroom topics updated continuously by professionals with digital expertise.

At ACS, no one navigates technology alone because…. When you’re here, you’re family. With this mindset, we provide continuous support extending well beyond the classroom.

We are here to serve with purpose. I Peter 4:10

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