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At Athens Christian, we believe that Computer Science Education is an essential part of well-rounded academic preparation. Furthermore, digital communication has become the norm and along with that comes a host of social responsibilities that Christians should be aware of and embrace. Proper education enables students to grow and make a positive difference in the world truly reflecting the Glory of God.
Our Computer Science Core Principles encourage Christian conduct in an ever evolving digital world. Inspired by the ISTE Student Standards, our progressive curriculum and elective courses are designed, planned, and implemented to empower our students and provide them the knowledge, confidence, and strategies to be successful in their future academic and professional endeavors.  
Our in-house curriculum begins in lower school and continues with elective options through 12th grade. For early elementary students, hands-on learning is imperative. Aside from digital lessons, exercises involving construction with manipulatives such as play-doh, pasta, and pipe cleaners allow for creativity and associative learning - tuning fine and gross motor skills. At every level, we present basics of computer systems discussing topics such as hardware, file organization, mobile devices and wireless networks.We introduce the Internet in age-appropriate terms and express the significance and permanence of each person’s digital footprint. When discussing etiquette and responsibility, we go one step further by not just encouraging "good" behavior, but exemplifying Christian behavior and protecting our digital reputation. Students become familiar with basic programs such as Microsoft Office and relate those concepts to cloud-based applications such as the Google Cloud platform. Finally, we attempt to reach multiple areas of special interest, exposing students to a number of related fields such as digital graphic design, animation, game design, web design and coding.
These opportunities are funded by our modest technology fee and the incredible generosity of community sponsors through our T.A.L.O.N. Program. For more information about our T.A.L.O.N. (Technology and Leadership Opportunity Network) Program, please click on our packet below.

ACS Device and Technology Agreement (K-4th)

ACS Device and Technology Agreement (5th-12th)