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Bus Routes

We are happy to be able to continue offering your children transportation to and from school. Areas we serve are Clarke, Madison, Crawford and Franklin Springs. These services are provided for a monthly fee, and with the understanding that every student will abide by all guidelines established for a safe and enjoyable ride. Below you can download the bus stops for the 2018-2019 school year. If you have any questions concerning the transportation, please contact our Transportation Director, Mrs. Cortese at
Only the first two students in a family pay regular monthly bus fees.  The 3rd rider is billed at $20/month .  If someone is not a regular bus rider, but they need this service in an emergency, the fee is $8 daily per student.  Subject to surcharge, because of the instability of gas/diesel prices, the bus fee may need to be increased at some point.  We would let you know in advance, if that occurs.  If you need a bus schedule, please call our office. 

Car Line

Please use the following traffic route guidelines for morning drop off and afternoon pick up.  These routes keep our kids safe and help you get through the line in the most efficient way.
9th grade students may be dropped off at the Middle School drop off IF they start the day on the 9th grade hall.  


Each day the ACS patrols faithfully assist our students, parents, and bus drivers.  They manage the crosswalk, open car doors, keep the line moving, and help on the buses.