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At Athens Christian School our goal is to see every  student equipped to become a successful, confident, independent learner and to assist them in discovering and celebrating their unique God given gifts and talents.
Our Student Support Services embrace differences, focusing  on each individual student’s strengths and weaknesses. It is our desire to enable students to succeed in a college prep program.  
Students who have a current psycho-educational evaluation and students enrolled in the Georgia Special Needs Program, upon acceptance, will be eligible for support services. Other students may qualify for services as well, per medical diagnoses which would lead to to a 504 or IEP in Georgia public schools.
Student Support Services at Athens Christian offer a unique mission complimenting the current goal of Athens Christian School—teaching, nurturing and supporting students from a place of individual learning styles.


Homework Helper is a service that ACS provides to help families Monday through Thursday 3:15- 5:30.  

This program is designed not only to assist with homework completion, but also to utilize the time of day when students are most attentive to study for upcoming tests, and work on study skills. During Homework Helper, students will be working in a small group setting with minimal distractions to complete the assigned homework for that day. We will guide students through the process and report to parents if the child still has remaining work to be completed at home. Students that complete their work early will be provided with educational enrichment activities, testing strategies, and studying strategies. On days that students do not have homework, they will receive help for upcoming tests as well as general study skill practice.


The Student Study Program is offered for students who need, or want, additional support when completing assignments. This is a fee-based service offered during study hall periods and/or Monday – Friday from 3:00-5:30.  

This time will focus on completing homework assignments, study skills, writing, and studying for tests. The number of available spaces in this program are limited and will be filled on a first come basis


Tutoring Services are offered on campus on a regular or as-needed basis to ALL students per parent request.  

Parents may choose a tutor that is a college student or a tutor that holds a college degree.   Tutoring is typically scheduled during a non-academic period, study hall, or after school time.