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Since 2011, the Athens Christian Lady Eagle Softball Team has enjoyed a run of 8 straight trips to the State Playoffs, including 3 trips to the Elite Eight Finals in Columbus, Georgia.  In 2012, the Lady Eagles made their first appearance in Columbus, finishing 5th in the State.  In 2014, ACS set a single-season record with 22 wins, and made its second trip to Columbus, again finishing 5th in the State.  In 2016, the Lady Eagles won their first Region 8A Championship and made their third trip to Columbus, once again finishing 5th in the State. 

Player Individual and Career Records for the Last 8 years:

Most Career Wins - Cheyenne Pridgen - 71
Most Wins in a Season - Cheyenne Pridgen - 19
Most Career Strikeouts - Cheyenne Pridgen - 628
Most Strikeouts in a Season - Cheyenne Pridgen - 208
Most Career Hits - Cheyenne Pridgen - 184
Most Hits in a Season - Cheyenne Pridgen - 63
Most Career Homeruns - Lexi Veamoi - 24
Most HR's in a Season - Lexi Veamoi - 9
Most Career Triples - Olivia Pineo - 13
Most Career Doubles - Cheyenne Pridgen - 40
Most Career RBI - Lexi Veamoi - 132
Most RBI's in a Season - Cheyenne Pridgen - 46
Highest Season Batting Average - Gina Urell - .549
Highest Season On Base Percentage - Gina Urell - .596
Most Career Runs Scored - Cheyenne Pridgen - 112
Most Runs Scored in a Season - Gina Urell - 38
Most Career Stolen Bases - Gina Urell - 153
Most Stolen Bases in a Season - Gina Urell - 57


We would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your athletes when traveling to Athens Christian School. We would like to inform you of what you can expect when traveling to our game sites and the social distancing protocol changes for this upcoming season. We will work very hard at making sites for football, volleyball, cross country, cheer and softball an enjoyable, safe event for your fans, players, and families. Please share with your friends, families, followers.
SOFTBALL: Varsity and Sub-Varsity 
Fans and family will be encouraged to bring a lawn chair for their use. We will open the entire area surrounding the field for social distance seating.
Locker rooms will not be provided for visiting teams.
Restrooms will be limited to 2 maximum at a time.
Concessions will be sold - prepackaged food and drink only. 
No more than two workers will be working the concession stand per social distancing protocol.
We will not have space for visiting broadcast crews.  
Please no spectators/fans/family in the locker room or dugout area(s).  This will include the extended dugout that we have taped off for social distancing.
Masks are not required but are recommended.
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    Brad Brown

    Head Coach, Softball