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In 2008, the Georgia General Assembly passed the Qualified Education Expense (QEE) Tax Credit bill (HB 1133), and Governor Sonny Perdue signed it into law. The legislation was further amended in 2011 (HB 325), 2013 (HB 283), and 2018 (HB 217). The law provides for the creation of student scholarship organizations (SSOs) to which Georgia individual and corporate taxpayers can contribute in exchange for a state income tax credit and possible federal charitable income tax deduction. The SSOs use the contributions to award scholarships to students from K-12 public schools so that they can attend the private schools chosen by their parents. Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, Inc. was the first SSO to be recognized by the Georgia Department of Education.

Because there are limited tax credits available each year ($100 million for 2019), a taxpayer who is interested in contributing to GOAL must be pre-approved by the Georgia Department of Revenue ("DOR"). This simply means that the DOR sets aside a certain amount of the available tax credits specifically for the respective taxpayer. 

So, the taxpayer will submit his or her 2019 tax credit application to GOAL. Then, GOAL will take care of every remaining step, and will remind the taxpayer when action is required. 

We, at Athens Chistian School, hope that you will prayerfully consider making a donation to The GOAL Scholarship Program and direct it to students here on the ACS campus.