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Over the last several years, we have used both fundraising proceeds and capital fund dollars to make a number of significant upgrades to the ACS facilities and grounds.  While we have made wonderful improvements to our campus, we still have projects that need to be completed over the next 1 to 5 years. The proceeds from our 2019 Fall Fundraiser will go toward one or more of these projects.
Before listing the projects that still need to be completed, we wanted to give you additional information on some (but not all) of the projects that have been completed over the last few years.
1. Technology Upgrades / ChromeBook Project (2019 only).  Cost of project = $55,000.00
2. Lower School Bathrooms (2019).  Total cost of this project is still being determined, but will exceed $30,000.00
3. Resurfacing and restriping of parking lots and roads on campus (2018).  Cost of project = $23,000.00
4. Renovations to ACS Drama Center (2015 to present) - includes new lighting, new paint, "blacking in" the ceiling and skylight     
    areas, new curtain, improvements to sound and light booth, and new chairs.  Cost of project = $35,000.00.
5. Softball Press Box, Dugout Renovations and Poured Concrete Pads (2014).  Cost of project = $37,000.00
6. New carpet in hallways of Main Academic Building and new flooring in the Kindergarten (2013).  Cost of project = $78,000.00
7. Baseball field grading and turf replacement (2013).  Cost of project = $27,500.00.
8. Paint and repair travel bus (2019). Cost of project $20,000
9. The ABM Project (2017-18).  Replaced every light on campus, both inside and outside, with energy efficient LED lights.  This
    required new ballasts in most rooms.  Retrofitted many bathrooms to low-flow water usage.  New roof coating on Main
    Academic Building with 20-year warranty.  Building envelopes on all campus buildings to improve energy efficiency.
    The cost of this project was $1,269,598.00.  Our goal is to recover the costs of this project through energy savings over 15     
    years, and we did realize over $50,000 in energy savings during Year One following completion of the project.

Projects to be Completed:
1. Renovation of 9th Grade Hall Bathrooms
2. Repair/replace Main Gym Air Conditioning
3. New gutter system for Main Academic Building
4. New carpet in Main Academic Building Classrooms
5. New Canopy for Kindergarten Building
6. Roof coating for Sports and Music Building and Kindergarten Building
7. New flooring in both Lunchrooms in Main Academic Building