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Thank you for your interest in employment at Athens Christian School. We hire professionals who are committed to the Lord and have a testimony of faith, who are dedicated to the instruction and learning of our students, who excel in their field and desire to work in an environment where teamwork and unity is the standard protocol.

Candidates applying for faculty or administrator positions should submit a cover letter and resume, statement of faith, statement of teaching philosophy, references, and any additional supporting documents to  PDF or Google Doc formats are preferred.



Middle School Volleyball and High School Volleyball Coaches at Athens Christian School are expected to mentor student athletes and train students to compete as Christian athletes. Volleyball coaches will need to teach individual skills as well as team concepts at the middle school and high school level.

Candidates interested in coaching volleyball at ACS should contact Daniel Kempf.


Athens Christian School seeks to employ qualified individuals who seek to influence students through substitute teaching. Substitute teachers are provided with lesson plans and instructions for each class, and are responsible to lead and manage the classroom.

Substitute teachers can choose to teach in one  specific division (Kindergarten, Lower School, Middle School, High School) or can designate that they would like to teach in any division where a need arises.
Candidates interested in becoming a substitute teacher at ACS should inquire with



Employer:  Athens Christian School, Inc.
Work Location:  1270 Highway 29 North 
Job Title:  Middle School Math Teacher
Work Hours:  8am to 5pm (40 hours per week)
Degree Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Mathematics Education or related field, and a diploma or certification in education with an acceptable educational institution.
Experience Requirements:  A minimum of 2 years of experience in administration and teaching mathematics to middle and high school in flipped classroom and blended learning using educational technology including ACS Google Classroom, GeoGebra, Desmos, Equation Editor; analyzing students’ mathematics test scores based on state and national standards, teachers’ evaluation and professional development for mathematical teaching, coaching sports as extramural activities.
Duties: Teach math to middle and high school students as required from year to year. Create and implement math curriculum and instructional strategies to maximize student learning by employing a variety of instructional techniques, instructional media, and performance assessments. Modify instructional methods to fit individual student’s needs and help students prepare for standardized tests and prepare for college entrance exams. Conduct an ongoing assessment of student growth and progress through activities and hands-on learning, maintaining a system for accurate and complete record-keeping, grading, and reporting for all student activities, achievement and attendance as required by the school. Manage students in the classroom, ensuring that student conduct conforms to the school’s standards, and establishes and maintains standards of student behavior needed to achieve a functional learning atmosphere in the classroom. Partake in collectively establishing the consistent culture, systems and structures necessary for student success. Meet with other professional staff members and participate in faculty meetings and committees. Take part in, and sometimes be required to lead, professional growth and development to stay abreast of current research through continuing education, educational seminars, workshops, conferences, etc.
Candidates interested in this position should inquire with