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Please know that, even with all of our work, we anticipate ongoing and evolving challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. For that reason, flexibility is key as we move forward with the school year ahead. Although our desire is to be together, we understand that there are some families who will not be able to be on campus initially. For that reason, our Reopening Plan includes accommodations for those who will not be able to attend School beginning in August. We believe that our Reopening Plan will serve ALL of our ACS families as we move through this TOGETHER.
Our Administrative Team has been at work on our Reopening Plan since May. In addition to all of the work contributed by our Team, we had our Plan thoroughly reviewed and vetted by other individuals who have decades of experience in emergency planning and sanitizing protocols for schools and other organizations. I am very appreciative for all the time and effort that many individuals put into developing our Reopening Plan. 
You can access the ACS Reopening Plan below. 
You will also see that we have two different options for returning on August 14, depending on the spread of the virus over the next four weeks. While we hope to return under "Plan A," circumstances may dictate that we return under "Plan B." Under both Plan A and Plan B, families can choose an online learning option in accordance with certain parameters set forth in the Reopening Plan. We will let you know whether we will return under Plan A or Plan B as we get closer to August 14. 
The School has invested thousands of dollars in free standing hand sanitizing machines, touchless water fountains and water stations, an electrostatic sprayer and foggers, and other sanitizing equipment and products. Although we have not yet purchased thermal cameras to take temperatures of students and faculty as they come on campus, we are currently exploring that possibility. We are going to do the best job we can to keep our campus safe and healthy so that productive learning can take place this coming school year. 
Of course, our current situation could change between now and August 14, or at some point during the school year. As a result, we are asking that everyone be flexible as we move through these unprecedented times together.