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  • ACS will follow local, state and federal recommendations as it pertains to spectator events and stadium capacity restrictions.
  • Baseball tickets will be sold on
  • Track and field, Tennis and soccer entry will be collected at the gate of entry.
  • It is highly recommended spectators always wear a facemask or face covering when possible.
  • Spectators should always practice social distancing when possible.  Household members are excluded.
  • After the contest, no loitering on the court or facility will be permitted. 


  • Concession workers will wear masks and gloves in accordance with state mandates.
  • All concession items will be pre-packaged.
  • Social distancing in the concessions line is strongly encouraged.

Athletics Teams and Personnel

  • Prior to boarding the team bus, each player will be screened by a staff member.  Temperatures will be taken prior to departure and again on arrival.
  • Facemasks/coverings will be worn traveling to and from the contest site.  Facemasks/coverings will also be worn when entering the host site’s training room or facilities.
  • No sharing of masks is permitted.
  • There should be limited personnel on each team bench for spacing and social distancing.
  • No pre-game or post-game handshakes are allowed.
  • It is highly recommended game day personnel always use facemasks/coverings.
  • Only authorized personnel will be on the team benches.