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ACS Football Game Day Operations and Procedures

  • ACS will follow local, state and federal recommendations as it pertains to spectator events and stadium capacity restrictions.
  • Each spectator will have their temperature checked before entering the seating area.  Entry will be denied with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher. *Refer to the map at the bottom of the page for TEMP CHECK locations.
  • There will be 3 spectator check points on campus.  One will be in the Main Gym entrance, one will be at the entrance nearest concessions, and the visiting team checkpoint will be at the double-gate entrance in front of Founders Hall.  
  • It is highly recommended spectators always wear a facemask or covering when possible.
  • Spectators should always practice social distancing whenever possible.  Household members are excluded.
  • After the contest, no loitering will be permitted. 
  • Spectators may bring chairs and use the track for seating.  We do ask that spectators stay behind the runways at the end of the football field.
  • ACS will clean the restrooms before the game and before halftime. 
  • Concession workers will wear masks and gloves in accordance with state mandates.
  • All concession items will be pre-packaged.
  • Social distancing in the concessions line is strongly encouraged.
Athletics Teams and Personnel
  • Prior to boarding the team bus, each player will be screened by a staff member.  Temperatures will be taken prior to departure and again on arrival.
  • Facemasks/coverings will be worn traveling to and from the contest site.  Facemasks/coverings will also be worn when entering the host site’s training room or facilities.
  • No sharing of masks is permitted.
  • It is highly recommended game day personnel always use facemasks/coverings.
  • Sidelines will be furnished with hand sanitizer stations.
  • Cloth towels will not be used on ACS sidelines.  Paper towels will be provided and disposed of immediately after use.
  • Only authorized personnel will be on the sidelines and pressbox.


Dear Visiting School: 

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your athletes when traveling to Athens Christian School. We would like to inform you of what you can expect when traveling to our game sites and the social distancing protocol changes for this upcoming season. We will work very hard at making sites for football, volleyball, cross country, cheer and softball an enjoyable, safe event for your fans, players, and families. Please share with your friends, families, followers.

FOOTBALL: Varsity and Sub-Varsity 
  • Bus parking will be on the elementary side of campus near the baseball field entrance.  An Administrator will meet you at the main entrance of campus to lead you to your locker room.
  • Outside of the visitor locker room is a grass playground that can also be used for your team.
  • Please let Coach Chris Williams know your arrival time.  706-474-5046 
  • We will provide a couple of Port-a-potties for added use. 
  • We will provide help with golf cart(s) for transporting sideline equipment to and from the field sideline.
  • Piedmont Sports Med is our athletic trainer supplier and they are on site daily.  They are here to help.
  • Visiting team fans will enter and exit the field through the double gates on the Founders Hall end of the stadium (south end).
  • We will allow fans to use the track for seating this season.  This is for folding chairs and standing room.   
  • The pressbox for the visiting team will be on the home side of the stadium.  This will house the coaches with headsets and one video member.  No radio in the pressbox, but radio can be set up in the visitor bleachers or on the track.  Power cords will not be provided.
  • Pre-game warmup for visitors is at the south end of the stadium.
  • After the game the visiting team will exit the field through the same gate entered. No handshake or loitering on the field. 
SOFTBALL: Varsity and Sub-Varsity 
  • Fans and family will be encouraged to bring a lawn chair for their use. We will open the entire area surrounding the field for social distance seating.
  • Locker rooms will not be provided for visiting teams.
  • Restrooms will be limited to 2 maximum at a time.
  • Concessions will be sold - prepackaged food and drink only. 
  • No more than two workers will be working the concession stand per social distancing protocol.
  • We will not have space for visiting broadcast crews.  
  • Please no spectators/fans/family in the locker room or dugout area(s).  This will include the extended dugout that we have taped off for social distancing.
  • Masks are required in the dugouts.
  • Teams should supply their balls for play.
  • Water will not be supplied. Please bring your own water supply.
Volleyball:  Varsity and Sub-Varsity 
  • No locker room will be provided.  We will provide a team restroom for social distancing needs.
  • No water will be provided.  Please make plans for your team.
  • Concessions??
  • We will provide chairs for teams to meet social distancing protocol.
  • Only players, coaches, officials, and essential staff will be allowed on court level. 
  • Teams will remain in their bench area for the duration of the match.  We will not rotate. We will sanitize the chairs as rotation of the new team in. 
  • We will furnish several game balls and a designated ball cleaner to rotate game ball after each dead ball. Sanitize the ball and keep one in rotation. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided.

Cross Country: Varsity and Sub-Varsity
  • Social distancing is required.
  • The areas behind the softball field, around the football practice field and baseball field will be used for tent setup.
  • No water will be provided.
  • Buses will be directed for parking locations by an ACS Administrator.

Cheerleading: Varsity and Sub-Varsity
  • Before and after contests, the teams will meet with social distancing protocol followed.
  • Pre-game contest greetings will be done with team captains, socially-distanced and masks used.
  • Cheerleaders will enter the football stadium from the South endzone.