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In 2011 Shannon Bailey saw the need at Athens Christian for a new creative outlet that could train students for the overwhelming flood of television and film productions coming to Georgia.

As a television & film producer/director herself, Mrs. Bailey felt called to bring her experience and talent to a new generation that can now influence the world for positive change from the inside out.

The entire program was funded generously by a grant from Zaxby's, which includes an editing facility / Mac lab, high-end video equipment, and a yearly film festival, which is open to the public.


Film 1/Journalism
An introductory course exposing students to the basics of the history and analysis of film, photography skills & composition, storytelling techniques and single-camera productions. 
The journalism segment introduces the basics of the First Amendment and freedom of the press, ethics, photojournalism, interview techniques and documentary work.  
Film 2
Second year class concentrating on editing techniques, exposing students to different genres and emphasis on single camera productions. 
Journalism 2
Second year class, works in tandem with Sports Broadcasting class. Emphasis on content creation, sports package interviews, sideline reporting and producing. 
Film 3
Sports broadcasting course. Students are trained to make sports packages and learn the fundamentals of broadcasting live sporting events. Emphasis on multi-camera production and directing.
Film 4
Independent Study. Students are free to pursue individual interests in filmmaking specialty.