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Along with the flexibility of remote learning comes a host of responsibilities to preserve our classroom structure, attendance accountability, and teacher workload. At this time, we think it is necessary that we communicate what qualifies for remote learning access and how transitioning to it will work. 

To qualify for Remote Student access, where attendance is required and equivalent to present, students must meet one of the following criteria:
  • Students pre-registered for remote learning with Administration for the entirety of the first, second, third, or fourth quarter.
  • Students are waiting Covid-19 test results, have communicated with the school nurse, and will return to school with documentation of a negative result.
  • Students have communicated with the school nurse about possible exposure to Covid-19 and have gotten approval to self-quarantine for 14 days or more if symptoms develop. 
  • Students have other medical documentation requiring them to miss more than 5 consecutive days of school and have communicated this to the school nurse. 
Transitioning to remote learning:
  • A comprehensive email will be sent within 24 hours of approved remote status to the ACS account and parent account on file with RenWeb including links and specific credentials..
  • Transitions from remote learning may be made at the change of the quarter. 

All other absences, such as family leave and short-term sickness (1-4 days), will be treated as a normal absence under traditional handbook guidelines without the expectation for remote learning.

Requests for exceptions to this policy must be made in writing to Administration and may accompany the Pre-arranged Absence Form distributed in the Back to School Parent Information Pack. 


Athens Christian School has offered a high quality Christian education for fifty years. This year will be no exception. We are proud to be offering the flexibility of remote learning to our students in Lower School. Since we are all navigating uncharted waters for the upcoming year, we think it is necessary that we communicate what this optional remote learning will look like and how it will run in parallel with our traditional on-campus instruction. 
We were blessed to conduct our fourth quarter instruction from last school year in a remote format. We did so with little warning and limited time to prepare. We learned what worked well and what didn’t. We received feedback from parents, students and fellow educators on how to improve moving forward. Using that experience, knowledge, and feedback, we, the Lower School at Athens Christian School have adopted the following expectations for remote learners and their on-campus teachers:
Remote student schedule and expectations:
  • Students will be logging in from a personal device through Google using their ACS credentials.
  • Students are expected to log in to a live video conference via an existing Google Meet link no later than 7:55 AM each morning. 
  • Students and parents should plan to be live streaming from 7:55 AM until 3:30 PM during academic content times (Bible, Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies). If you need clarification on these time blocks, please contact your child’s teacher. 
  • If your child finishes their work and is “excused” from the teacher for the remainder of that subject block, it does not excuse them from the rest of the day.  
  • While live video streaming will provide quality instruction, we cannot digitize all of the advantages of in-person instruction and a live learning environment no matter how hard we try - they are simply not the same. 
  • Failure to participate in the live-streaming virtual class video conference is equivalent to being absent from class.
Delivery of worksheets and materials:
  • Some digital content, especially for upper grades, will be maintained and distributed through Google Classroom. 
  • Printed worksheets and materials for the following week need to be picked up from the front office on  Fridays between 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM.
  • Worksheets and materials will be bundled in a manilla envelope. 
  • Please return the empty envelope from the previous week. 
  • At home, keep all worksheets and materials in an accessible folder, binder or other designated space. 
  • Since lesson plans are adjusted to student mastery, some worksheets may not be completed in the planned time frame and “bumped” to the next week to allow more time for skill development.
  • Learning centers, STEM materials and non-disposable campus-oriented supplies will not be sent home for sanitary purposes.