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Steve Cummings is a 1981 graduate of Athens Christian School, and the youngest son of ACS Founders, Drs. Buhl and Lois Cummings.  In 1984, Mr. Cummings graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Social Studies Education from Bob Jones University, and in 1987, obtained his Juris Doctor degree from The University of Georgia School of Law.  Following a two-year, federal judicial clerkship, Mr. Cummings practiced law in Atlanta and Athens from 1989 until July, 2008, and served as Legal Counsel for the American Association of Christian Schools.  In July of 2008, Mr. Cummings became the second Head of School in the history of Athens Christian School.   Mr. Cummings is married to Michelle Hebert Cummings from Kenner, Louisiana, and has four sons, Joshua, Elijah, Titus, and Seth.


POLICE STATE - On September 23, at 7:05 am, the FBI sent 15 vehicles and 25 armed officers to raid the home of Mark Houck, a Catholic pro-life activist.  Houck's crime?  He allegedly shoved an abortion clinic escort who was verbally abusing Houck's 12-year old son outside an abortion clinc.

After the city police declined to bring charges, the alleged victim filed a criminal complaint.  The case was dismissed, yet days later, Houck received a "target letter" stating that the US Attorney was looking into the matter.  When Houck reached out to the US Attorney, he received no response.  Instead, the "response" came in the form of a dawn raid at his home where he lives with his wife and 7 children.


THE QUEEN'S FAITH - One of the constitutional titles held by Queen Elizabeth II was Supreme Governor of the Church of England.  But those close to her knew that the Queen's faith went far beyond protocol and duty.

During those months she spent in Scotland each year, the Queen attended the small Presbyterian church of Crathie Kirk.  Her domestic chaplain said that the Queen only missed 2 Sunday services during his 15 years, other than during the pandemic.

The Queen had a formidable knowledge of hymns, psalms, and scripture.  Beginning in 2000, she increasingly spoke openly of her faith through her Christmas broadcasts.

In addition to serving her Country, the Queen served her Heavenly Father.  Now, she is with Him.

09/16/22…THE SURVIVOR TREE  - This past Sunday we honored the 2,977 victims from 90 nations who died on 9/11/01. Soon after 9/11, workers found a pear tree that had been reduced to an 8-foot tall stump in the wreckage at Ground Zero. The tree was nursed back to health and grew to be 30 feet tall. It has been named the "Survivor Tree," and now stands in the 9/11 Memorial in New York. This special tree represents the story of survival and resilience that is so important to the history of 9/11.

As we recall these events, let's thank God that He continues to sustain our Country. And may we never forget that, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

9/09/22  WHY WE ARE HERE - In addition to preparing students for college, we are preparing them for life.  While academic instruction and extra-curricular activities are critical, spiritual instruction is at the core of what we do.

We have over 125 new students this year.  Here is a brief note we got from one of our grandparents who had a career in education.

"I want you to know how thankful I am for your school.  From my conversations with [my grandchildren], things are going very well.  [My granddaughter] even had someone to walk her to her classes, and several students have been friendly and accepting of her.  Thank you for having an environment that will aid in her coming back to the Lord."


RESPONDING TO ANGER - The Bible is full of great advice for how we should live.  And many times, the advice we find in Scripture is contrary to what we are told by our culture.

How should we respond when we are met with anger?  Many times we become angry ourselves. Instead of defusing a situation, we pour fuel on the fire.

But Proverbs 15:1 says this:  "A soft answer turns away wrath."  A "soft" answer refers not only to the tone, but also to the content.  Heated exchanges can escalate into harmful situations where no one wins.  The next time you are met with anger, try a different approach.  Try a gracious response.  You may be surprised at the result.

ACS HOSTS NE GA XC CHAMPIONSHIPS - This past Saturday, ACS hosted the Northeast Georgia Cross Country Championships, which has become one of the largest XC meets in the State.  Over 1000 runners competed in 8 different middle school and high school races.

Congratulations to the ACS Boys team, as they won the Varsity race for A, AA, and AAA schools.  Both the Middle School Boys and the Middle School Girls also won their respective races.  First place finishers for the Eagles included Nathan Smith (Varsity), McKinley Smith (JV Girls), and Travon Roberson (MS Boys).

Great job by all the ACS XC athletes and coaches!  And, thanks to all the ACS volunteers who made this special event possible!

STARTING WITH A RETREAT!  We are excited to start the 2022-23 school year with spiritual retreats for our middle school and high school students.  This week we are taking the students and faculty to a local camp where they will enjoy a variety of games and activities throughout the day, and will be encouraged to build their relationship with God in the evening sessions.

These retreats give our students the chance to have fun together and bond in community.  They also provide unique opportunities for those who will be taking on leadership roles this year.  It's a great way to start the year!

If you want an education that provides great academics with a Christian worldview, we invite you to check out ACS.


PRICELESS - Perhaps you remember the MasterCard commercials from many years ago that advertised items you could purchase with a credit card, and when you purchased those items, you received something that was "priceless," e.g., being able to spend quality time with your kids.  The last thing in the commercial was always something that did not carry a price tag.

An excellent education in a Christian environment is one of those things that is "priceless."  You cannot place a value on the lasting impact that this type of education will have on your children.

Invest in your child's future by giving them the best educational opportunity available.  Your investment now will pay priceless dividends in the future.

ACS GRADUATE SPOTLIGHT - Kendra Hansey is a 2012 graduate of ACS.  She had a stellar high school career, finishing with a 3.98 GPA, serving as an FFA Officer, and anchoring our first Mock Trial Team in 2011.  As an undergrad at UGA, she was involved in a number of journalistic endeavors, including work with the US Olympic Committee.

Last Fall, Kendra was accepted to The UGA Law School.  During her first year, she won the Richard B. Russell Moot Court Competition and was named Best Oralist.  At the end of her first year, she was selected to the prestigious UGA Law Review, an honor reserved for a very select group.

AWESOME JOB, KENDRA!  We are so proud of you!

OVERREACH - The Biden Administration's Education Department recently issued sweeping new Title IX "guidance," which attempted to push a transgender agenda on every public school system that accepts federal funds.  The consequence for not following the "guidance"?  Lose your federal funding.
Among other mandates, the "guidance" forced public schools to allow transgender male students to use girls' bathrooms and locker rooms if the male student "identified" as a female.
Fortunately, a federal judge in Tennessee put a halt on the new "guidance."  The judge properly found that the new "guidance" infringed on the rights of States to set their own policies on these issues.  The Title IX guidance was the very definition of federal overreach.  Seems like we see that a lot these days.
INVEST IN YOUR CHILD - Are you wondering whether you should send your child back to public school this year?  Are you concerned about the transgender push in elementary schools or attempts to rewrite our history using CRT?
Once school starts, how much time are you able to spend with your children?  On a good day, we may be able to spend 4 to 5 hours with them, but so much of their day is spent at school.
The school you choose for your child will have a big impact on his or her life.  If you are a Believer, you should think about choosing a school that will best support your child's spiritual, emotional, and academic needs.  You should think about ACS.
CELEBRATING OUR LIBERTIES!  If the pandemic taught us anything, it taught us how quickly we can lose our liberties.  The freedom to leave our homes.  The freedom to worship with others, in person.  The freedom to speak - if our speech conflicted with "the science."
This week, we had the great privilege to celebrate our freedoms.  To remember that the freedoms of speech and the free exercise of religion are so important that they were secured to us through The Bill of Rights.
We will lose the essence of what we enjoy in America if we lose these freedoms.  Many people would like to silence Christians.  We must always oppose those who would attempt to silence us, wherever and whenever that may occur.
"ACT OF EXTREMISM" - The Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has been labeled an "act of extremism."  The truth is, what the Supreme Court did in the Dobbs case is the exact opposite of "extremism."
As Justice Alito noted, for the first 185 years after the adoption of the Constitution, each State was permitted to deal with the abortion issue in accordance with the views of its citizens.  Then, in 1973, the Supreme Court suddenly decided that abortion was a constitutionally protected right - which it never was.  The Roe decision itself was the very definition of extremism.
The Dobbs ruling confirms that the Supreme Court cannot "make up" a constitutional right that does not exist.  That's not extreme; it's 100% rational.
ANNIVERSARY MONTH - Happy Anniversary to all of you who are celebrating anniversaries this month!

Athens Christian will be celebrating 53 years in Christian education this year.  The School was started with a vision to provide a quality education in a Christian atmosphere to families in Northeast Georgia.  Christian education may be more important now than it ever has been.
As we look back on how we have been uniquely blessed over five decades, we look forward with great anticipation to what the future holds.  If you are not familiar with ACS, we hope you will pay us a visit.  The Lord is truly doing great things here, and we are glad.  
YOU CAN AFFORD IT!  Athens Christian provides the best value in private, Christian education in Northeast Georgia.  In our annual survey of other private schools within a 50-mile radius, ACS continues to offer the most competitive tuition in the area.
One thing that makes ACS such a great value is the incredible family discount that we offer.  If you have 3 or more children enrolled at ACS, you only pay tuition for the first 2 and a half children.  After two and a half, your remaining children attend tuition-free.
More and more people are looking for an alternative to public education.  Do you want your young children exposed to transgenderism and CRT?  If not, check out ACS!
REMEMBERING D-DAY - On June 6, 1944, Allied forces launched the largest amphibious invasion in history.  President 
Franklin D. Roosevelt encouraged our Nation to cover the invasion in prayer.
FDR's own prayer was heard on radio by an estimated 100 million people across the globe.  His prayer included these 
words:  "Almighty God: Our sons . . . have set upon a mighty endeavor, a struggle to preserve our republic, our religion, and 
our civilization, and to set free a suffering humanity."
Hundreds of thousands of Americans filled churches to pray that day.  Anne Frank wrote in her diary, "I have the feeling that 
friends are on the way."  May prayer bring our Country together today, without the necessity of a global conflict.
This past Monday, Americans paused to honor those who have given their lives to preserve the freedoms that we all enjoy. I'm glad we have an annual holiday to remember those who have fallen in battle so that we can live in freedom. 
One of the freedoms these soldiers died for is the freedom of religion. We are grateful for this precious freedom, which allows us to offer a Christ-centered education to families throughout Northeast Georgia. While we as Americans will disagree on many things, may we never disagree on the fact that freedom of religion is part of the foundation that makes this Country the greatest on earth.


CONGRATS, CLASS OF 2022!  This past Saturday, we said farewell to a gifted group of Seniors from the Class of 2022.  After a few early raindrops, we were blessed with a pleasant summer evening in Eagle Stadium for the ceremony.
Four of our Seniors shared testimonies from their years at ACS.  One of the most encouraging nights of the year is listening to our Seniors talk about the impact ACS has had on their lives, and their desire to follow God's path.
Congratulations to Valedictorian, Keren Palma, to Salutatorian Olivia Lamons, and to our ACS Citizenship Award recipients, Caleb Williams and Keren Palma.  We are so proud of all of our Seniors and know they will do great things!
One of our favorite traditions at Athens Christian School is recognizing the Seniors who have participated in a variety of extracurricular activities throughout their high school careers.  We look forward to honoring our Seniors this Friday night, May 20, at the annual Awards Banquet.
This Banquet is a special time because the coaches and sponsors of our extracurricular activities have the opportunity to brag on the accomplishments of our Senior leaders in a forum where we are all gathered together.  We have the opportunity to hear about all of the varied activities at the School, from athletics, to fine arts, to Bible Quiz, Mock Trial, and FFA.
Congrats to these fine Seniors!  They have a bright future ahead.

DISINFORMATION GOVERNANCE BOARD - By now, most people have heard about this.  Should we be concerned?  The name alone sounds anti-American.
The biggest problem is, we really have NO idea what this Board is supposed to do.  Even the ACLU said the Board was rolled out with no information about the scope or authorities of the Board.  But don't worry.  The White House has pledged that the Board will operate in a "nonpartisan and apolitical manner."  Now THAT IS funny!
The second biggest problem is, exactly what is "disinformation"?  Is it that Trump colluded with Russia, or, conversely, that there was no collusion?  You get the point.  The people in charge of the Board will define "disinformation."  And THAT should concern all of us.
OLIVER! - The Athens Christian School Drama Department proudly presents Oliver! on May 5, 6, and 7 at the ACS Drama Center.  All productions begin at 7:00 p.m. and are open to the public.
Oliver! is one of the all-time classics.  A 9-year old orphan, Oliver Twist, joins a group of street-urchin pickpockets led by the Artful Dodger.  One of Oliver's intended victims, Mr. Brownlow, takes pity on the lad and offers him a home.  Then the excitement begins!
Thanks to the many faculty members and parent volunteers who put in so many hours on this performance, especially Play Director Kathy Dickinson, Music Director Heather Pillsbury, and Choreographer Michelle Cummings.  We're looking forward to a great show!

CONGRATS, KEREN!  We are so proud of Senior Keren Palma, who has received the Positive Athlete Award for Girls Cross Country in the East Atlanta Division of Georgia.  Keren has run Cross Country and Track at ACS for 4 years, and she has been one of the most successful female distance runners in school history.
Even though Keren has had tremendous success on the XC course and on the track, she was nominated for the Positive Athlete Award because of her character.  She is a true leader who enthusiastically encourages her teammates and always puts her team first.
Keren is a talented athlete and a great example of what a Positive Athlete should be!  She has a bright future ahead!

CONGRATS, MIDDLE SCHOOL TRACK!  Both the Boys and Girls Middle School Track teams wrapped up their fantastic seasons by dominating at the Private School State Meet held at Hebron Christian this past week.  The Girls won their State Championship with 206 points, besting 2nd place Greater Atlanta Christian by 45 points.  The Boys scored 201 points on the way to their State Championship.
Individual State Champions for the Girls included Ma’Kaya Ellis (high point athlete at the meet), Sarah Kate Parham, Ruby DeFilippis, and Kiley Baskin.  Individual State Champions for the Boys included Braxton Goolsby, Hayes Williams, JD Dixon, Johann Brink, Paul Jenkins, and Eli Akins.
Coach Cayla Redish has done a great job with this group of talented athletes!  Great job, Eagles!

CONGRATS, ROTARY CLUB ESSAY WINNERS!  Each year, the Georgia Rotary Club sponsors the Laws of Life Essay Contest.  Over 25,000 students from across the State participated in this year's contest, and ACS had 3 State-wide winners!
A "Law of Life" is a short saying that points to a core personal value.  A Law of Life can serve as a meaningful moral compass for a person's journey through life.  The Georgia Laws of Life Contest asks students to select their own Law of Life, and to write about how it applies to their lives.
Our three student winners included Senior Lydia Fortson, Sophomore Nate Coley, and Freshman Bradley Zimmerman.  Congrats to these winners, and to our faculty sponsor, Amelia Kemmerer.

ATHENS/OCONEE COUNTY AREA CHAMPS!  Congratulations to the ACS Boys Track team as they came away with a big win at the 2022 Athens/Oconee County Area Championships this past week.  The Boys tallied 155 points on their way to beating Oconee County, North Oconee, Clarke Central, Cedar Shoals, and Athens Academy.
Outstanding individual performances included Nathan Smith taking 2nd in the 800 and the 3200, and 3rd in the 1600; Navy Curry placing 2nd in the 110 hurdles, 2nd in the triple jump, and 4th in the 300 hurdles; Eli Vaughn placing 3rd in the 800; and Clarke Byram and Zach Colquitt taking 2nd and 3rd in the pole vault.
Super job by all of the athletes and coaches!
ATHENS CHRISTIAN COLLEGE FAIR!  We were excited to host over 20 Christian colleges on the ACS campus this week.  This special event was open to the public, and gave area high school students the opportunity to meet with admissions representatives from colleges across the southeast.
College fairs can play an important role in the college selection process.  Students are exposed to a large number of schools at one time, and can obtain detailed information on the degree and extracurricular programs available at these schools.  For those new to the process, a college fair is a great way to learn about the application process, financial aid, and acceptance requirements.
Thanks to all the folks who made our Christian College Fair a huge success!

WHERE IS GOD IN WAR?  The images from Ukraine are sad to see.  Hospitals bombed.  Dead bodies piled up in deep trenches.  Innocent men, women, and children forced to leave their homes.  Why would God allow this to happen?
We live in a fallen and sinful world, and war is a consequence of man's sin.  Throughout history, God has allowed the consequences of human behavior to play out in the world.  As long as sin rules in the hearts and minds of human leaders, wars will not cease to exist.
One day, Jesus will return and make all things new.  On that day, there will be no more death and no more sorrow.  Believers look anxiously toward that day.
GHSA LITERARY WINNERS!  Congratulations to several ACS students who recently participated in the Region 8A Literary Competition.
Seniors Katie McElhannon and Fairand Hix and Freshman Annie Rollins took 1st place in Ladies Trio.  Freshman Ethan Woodlief took 1st place in Humorous Interp, and Junior Anna Loggins took 1st Place in Dramatic Interp.  These students will be heading to the State Literary Competition later this month.
Other great performances included 2nd place finishes for Hollis Williams in Women's Solo, Braden Byram in Men's Solo, and Grace Morris in Personal Essay.  Emma Bartlett placed 3rd in Argumentative Essay, and Olivia Lamons did the same in Rhetorical Analysis.
Thanks to faculty members Heather Pillsbury and Jack Bamford for training these talented young students!  Great job!

CONGRATS, LEGAL EAGLES! - CONGRATULATIONS to the Athens Christian School Mock Trial Team for advancing to the District Level of Competition, which will take place at the Forsyth County Courthouse this Friday.  This is the 6th year in a row that the Legal Eagles have advanced out of Region and moved on to District.
In addition to a great team finish at Region, ACS earned several individual awards.  Senior Katie McElhannon won an Outstanding Lawyer Award, as did Juniors Emma Bartlett and Rebecca McMurray.  Juniors Zach Colquitt and Titus Cummings also received Outstanding Witness Awards.
Thanks to Supervisor Scott Crawford for all of his hard work, and a "great job" to all of our student participants!  We wish you the best at District.

PRESIDENTS' DAY - Each year, our 1st and 2nd grade classes treat us to a Patriotic Program celebrating our great Country.  Our annual Patriotic Program often corresponds with Presidents' Day. 
While some in our current society would like to erase the importance of religion in our Nation's history, the evidence of God's favor on America is clear and convincing.  In his 1796 Farewell Address to the Country, George Washington warned that "National morality" cannot be maintained in the absence of religion.  That is something to ponder.
George Washington was arguably America's greatest leader.   He set aside time for prayer and Bible reading each day.  At ACS, we teach about George Washington's leadership and his faith.  He was truly a man to emulate.
THE ORIGINS OF VALENTINE'S DAY - In 2021, Americans spent an estimated $27.8 billion on Valentine's Day.  Wow!
According to some accounts, the St. Valentine who inspired this holiday may have been two different men.  One was known to be a real person who was martyred near Rome around 270 A.D. because he secretly helped Christian couples marry.  The other St. Valentine was the Bishop of Terni, who also died as a martyr near Rome.
And while the origins of Valentine's Day point to these two St. Valentines, the first records of romantic celebrations on February 14 do not occur until after a poem written by Geoffrey Chaucer in 1375.  So, perhaps the famous poet invented the holiday we know today.
CONGRATS, EAGLE WRESTLERS AND HOOPSTERS!  We have had a lot of fun at ACS this winter, so we wanted to congratulate some great athletic accomplishments.  
Our Varsity wrestling team had an outstanding season with 12 wrestlers advancing to the District Championships.  Special recognition goes out to Ali Nabulsi, Zachary Colquitt, and Josh Fuentes, who made it through District and will wrestle for individual State Championships on February 12.  Great job, Coach Ryan Smith.
On the basketball court, our Varsity Boys are currently ranked 8th in Single A Private, our JV Boys went 13-1, our 5th Grade Girls team won the MVP League Championship, and one of our Third Grade Boys teams is undefeated and seeded 1st heading into post-season play.  Great Job, Eagles!

CONGRATS, MIDDLE SCHOOL BASKETBALL! - We want to give a big shout out to our Middle School Boys Basketball team for winning their basketball league championship this past Monday!  The Eagles knocked off a very good Loganville Christian team to take home the first place trophy.
Van Beacham has been the long-time coach of our Middle School Boys Team.  He has several championships to his credit, and does a great job teaching the game each year.  But, in addition to teaching the game, he always teaches the boys about the importance of a relationship with Christ.
This year's team was led by Harper Ford, Braxton Goolsby, Keaton Westbrook, Hayes Williams, Landon Moore, Malik Forshee, and JD Dixon.  Congrats, guys!

OPEN HOUSE - On Thursday, January 27, we will host two Open House sessions at ACS at 9:00 am and 7:00 pm.  We would love to have you join us.
One takeaway from the pandemic is that many parents learned what was actually being taught in their public schools - and they were shocked.  Do you know what your children are being taught in your public school?  Does it line up with your value system and your view of our Country?
We are proud of our rigorous academic program, our 100% college acceptance rate, and our successful extracurricular activities, and we would love to show you more about ACS.  We believe you will be impressed by what we can offer your children.
DAR WINNERS! - Congratulations to ACS Fifth Grader Harper Westbrook and Eighth Grader Loran Alivia Daniels for being named winners of this year's DAR Essay Contest.  This annual competition is sponsored by the Elijah Clarke Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and this year's theme focused on The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
The DAR is a non-profit, non-political volunteer women's service organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history, and securing America's future through better education for children.  The DAR gives out thousands of dollars in educational scholarships each year.
The DAR Essay Contest was established to encourage young people to think creatively about our nation's great history.  ACS thanks our local DAR Chapter for promoting this important educational activity.
NEW YEAR'S CLASSIC - After taking a year off because of Covid, the annual New Year's Classic Bible Quiz Tournament is back on at ACS.  This is always a special day for our School, as we host one of the largest tournaments in the Country.
Bible Quizzing is one of the unique extracurricular activities offered at ACS.  Bible Quiz students memorize large portions of Scripture and then compete in tournaments where they are asked questions about the passages they have committed to memory.
This year's tournament will include teams from Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  These students are hiding God's Word in their hearts and meditating on it often - one of the many benefits of a Christian school education.
JOSEPH'S DREAM - Mary was betrothed to Joseph at the time the Holy Spirit formed Jesus in her womb.  Under the law of that day, if a virgin became pregnant by a different man during her betrothal, she could be stoned to death.
I have always wondered what was going through Joseph's mind when he found out Mary was pregnant.  How crushing and disappointing that news must have been.  After pondering this for a time, he ultimately decided "to put her away secretly."
That's when God sent an angel to speak to Joseph in a dream.  This dream changed Joseph forever.  The dream brought hope and faith where despair had lived and allowed Joseph to fulfill his role in God's great plan.
WAS HE THE MESSIAH?  Not many people dispute the fact that Jesus was a Jewish historical figure who lived over 2000 years ago.  The controversy over Jesus is whether He was who He claimed to be - the Messiah, the Savior of sinners.
Some claim He was a great teacher, or even a prophet, but not the Messiah.  But if he was not the Messiah, then His claim that He was the Savior of sinners was a lie.  How could Jesus be a "great teacher" if He lied about who He was?
If He was not a liar, then He is who He claimed to be.  He was and is the Messiah, and we joyfully celebrate His birth again this Christmas!
HOPE!  Many Christians are now celebrating the Advent Season.  Advent begins each year on the 4th Sunday before Christmas.The word advent means "coming" or "arrival."  During this Season, we look back to celebrate the birth of Jesus in His First Advent, and we look forward to His return as King in His Second Advent.

We celebrate with great hope because we know that, when Christ returns, He will bring peace and justice to the world. At times we can grow discouraged by the injustices all around us - Christians persecuted, and innocent lives taken in random acts of violence, just to name a few.  But this Advent Season is one of hope - hope in the One who will make all things new.
CHRISTMAS FOR THE FAMILY AT ACS - This Thursday, December 9, we will present our annual Christmas for the Family program at Athens Christian.  The program will begin at 7:00 pm in the ACS Drama Center.
We will celebrate the Christmas season in word and song, while being entertained by our Middle School and High School Bands and our Middle School and High School Choirs.  In addition to listening to some of our favorite Christmas songs, we will be reminded that the gift of the Messiah was the GREATEST gift ever given to mankind.
The program is free and open to the public.  We hope you will come and celebrate with us on the 9th.
AMAZING EFFORT!  One of the most important things we do each year is to participate in the NE Georgia Food Bank's Hunger Bowl Campaign.  This year, after an incredible outpouring of generosity by our ACS families, we smashed our school goal and brought in the equivalent of 125,000 cans of food.  That is AMAZING!
I could not be more proud of our ACS community.  For the 8th year in a row, ACS was the overall Hunger Bowl winner.
A BIG thanks to Pam Kennon and Sara Crawford who headed up our efforts.  And, thanks to all of our faculty members who encouraged our students to give, and who talked to them about "why" we give.
THE THANKSGIVING PRESIDENTS - For Americans, Thanksgiving has always been a celebration of God’s blessings on our Country. 
In 1789, President George Washington issued the first national Thanksgiving Proclamation:
“Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the 
providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be
grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His
protection and favor . . .  I appoint Thursday, the 26th
day of November, 1789 . . . that we may all unite to
render unto Him our sincere and humble thanks for
His kind care and protection.”
In 1863, President Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday in November as a day “of Thanksgiving and Praise to our benevolent Father.”
Two great Leaders acknowledging the importance of Thanksgiving.
THE WILDS - Every two years, our high school students take a 4-day hiatus from school and travel to a scenic outpost in the mountains of North Carolina called The Wilds.  This rugged youth camp offers a wide variety of activities perfectly suited to entertain teenagers.
While the kids have a great time, the real purpose behind this retreat is to promote a time of spiritual renewal.  The beautiful mountain setting offers an inspiring backdrop for kids to draw closer to God.
This year's theme reminded us that God's Word is the primary path through which we know, love, and live for God.  Our prayer is that as we return to school, our students will have a deeper desire to know and love God's Word.
HONORING OUR VETERANS - This week we will take time to recognize all of the men and women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.  We celebrate Veterans Day on November 11, because World War I formally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918.
We have many graduates and ACS family members who have served in all branches of the military.  In addition, the Founder of ACS, Dr. Buhl Cummings, was a Navy veteran who served on the USS Potomac during World War II.
We cannot do enough to show our appreciation for all those who have served, but today we do say "thank you" to all of our heroes!
CHARLEY'S AUNT - This year's High School One Act performance of Charley's Aunt was a huge success!  The classic "love game" comedy was performed in the Globe Theater in 1893, and ultimately broke the worldwide record for longest running play with 1466 performances.
Charley's Aunt is a brilliant, twisting story involving a young lad who takes on the identity of a millionaire widow.  Senior Adam Shuman delighted the crowds as the young college student who impersonated Charley's rich aunt.
Thank you to One Act Director Monica Woodlief, who worked tirelessly on this year's play.  Also, a big shout out to our One Act stars - Braden Byram, Ethan Woodlief, Annie Rollins, Hollis Williams, Anna Loggins, Ali Nabulsi, and Zach and Jasmine Colquitt.
DO FACTS MATTER ANYMORE?  Junipero Serra was a Catholic priest who oversaw 21 missions in California during the 1700s.  His name was recently scrubbed from Father Serra Park in Los Angeles.  According to Mayor Garcetti, this was done because "our indigenous brothers and sisters deserve justice."
Unfortunately, the Mayor failed to acknowledge that Junipero Serra spent his life fighting for the rights of indigenous people.
On one occasion, Serra walked 2000 miles to Mexico City to present the Spanish governor with a bill of rights for indigenous people.  On another occasion, he intervened on behalf of 20 American Indians who had killed a friar.  All 20 were set free.
The woke culture will ultimately destroy even its own.
PRAY FOR THE MISSIONARIES IN HAITI - As many as 17 American missionaries, including women and children, were kidnapped in Haiti this past weekend.  They were on their way home from building an orphanage when the incident occurred.  These are people who put their own comforts and ambitions aside in order to serve other human beings.
Kidnappings have risen sharply since the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise and a recent devestating earthquake.  Gangs are now in control of large parts of Port-au-Prince, the Haitian capital.
We pray for the safe return of these brave souls.  May the God of peace protect them and bring comfort to their minds and hearts until they can be rescued.

THE SOCIAL DILEMMA - If you haven't seen this documentary-drama hybrid on Netflix, you should.  It is an eye-opening series of interviews with Silicon Valley engineers who designed the technologies they now fear.
Why are these engineers sounding the alarm?  Because social media companies are attempting to rewire the human brain by collecting mounds of data on us, and then pushing ads, videos, and other information to us through our phones.
The scariest part raised the question of whether humans will be able to discern actual truth if we are addicted to social media.  With so much false information on the internet, it's easy to go down the "rabbit hole" of buying into your own "truth," even if it is a lie.
HOMECOMING AT ACS - We had a fantastic Homecoming Week this past week.  The ACS Class of 1981 made it a celebratory weekend as they hosted a large dinner on Saturday evening commemorating their 40th anniversary.
The halftime ceremony for our Homecoming Court was beautifully done. Congratulations to Lydia Forston who was crowned our Homecoming Queen, and to Abby Marchman who was our Runner-Up.  Both of these young ladies have been at ACS for several years and are exemplary representatives of the School.
We also wanted to thank all the parents and other volunteers who did a lot of work behind the scenes to make this a memorable night for the School.  We appreciate the great support we've always gotten from our wonderful parents! 
AREA CHAMPS! - A big SHOUT OUT to our Junior and Senior FFA Land Judging Teams and to FFA Advisor, Mr. Jerry Taylor.  These two teams recently finished 1st and 2nd at the Area Competition and have both qualified for the State Competition.
The Junior Team placed 1st with the following individual placings: Avery Haas 1st, Stephen Blackmon 4th, Thomas Hutton 6th and Piper Albeke 7th.  The Senior Team placed 2nd, with Trey Taylor 2nd, Cody Aiken 5th, Bryson Jones 6th, and Emma Grace Hutton 8th.
Georgia FFA has over 42,000 members, so getting the opportunity to compete for a State Championship is a big deal. 
Best wishes as the ACS Land Judging Teams move on to State.
DR. BUHL - my father, the Founder of Athens Christian School, went home to be with the Lord this past Wednesday.  If anyone deserved to be welcomed into Heaven with the words, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant", it was my dad.
My father was a pioneer in Christian education.  When the Supreme Court removed prayer and the Bible from public education in the 1960's, my dad responded to God's call to start a Christian school.  He was the heart and soul of ACS, and he impacted thousands of people in his lifetime.
He was also a true servant leader, and he wanted every single child at ACS to know Jesus.  We miss you Dad, but we'll see you again one day.

9/11 - This coming Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
The amazing stories from the aftermath of 9/11 impact us all, but one in particular caught my attention.  Two days after the attack, a construction worker found a 17-foot high steel column and beam fused in the form of a cross among the rubble.  In October, "the cross" was moved to the edge of the recovery site, where it stood as a symbol of faith and resilience for many.
As we remember this tragic day, let's thank God that we still have the freedom to worship.  And may we never forget that, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord."
STARTING WITH A RETREAT!  We were excited to start the 2021-22 school year at ACS with spiritual retreats for our middle school and high school students.  We took the students and faculty to a local camp where they enjoyed a variety of games and activities throughout the day, and were encouraged to have a relationship with God in the evening session.
Our theme for this year centers on the idea of living together in unity, and these retreats gave our students the chance to have fun together and bond in community.  We can't think of a better way to start the year.
If you want an education that provides great academics with a Christian worldview, we invite you to check out ACS.

ACS HOSTS NE GA XC CHAMPIONSHIPS - This past Saturday, ACS hosted the Northeast Georgia Cross Country Championships, which has become one of the largest XC meets in the State.  Over 1000 runners from 31 schools competed in 8 different middle school and high school races.
Congratulations to the ACS Boys team, as they won the Varsity race for A, AA, and AAA schools.  The Eagles were paced by Race Champion Nathan Smith, and by Drew Beedle and Ali Nabulsi who both finished in the top 10.  In addition, the Middle School Girls team finished 2nd overall, as 8th grader Ansley Moore finished 1st out of 115 runners.
Thanks to all the ACS volunteers who made this special event possible!
WELCOME, COACH BUSTLE - We are excited to welcome Coach Rickey Bustle as the new Head Football Coach at Athens Christian School.
Coach Bustle was a 3-year letterman at Clemson before beginning his coaching career.  In 1995, he became the offensive coordinator at Virginia Tech where he coached Michael Vick and helped lead the Hokies to the 1999 National Championship game.  He was also the Head Coach at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette from 2002-2010.
Coach Bustle and his wife relocated to Athens in 2015, and he has been coaching at the high school level since that time.  Before coming to ACS, Coach Bustle served as the co-offensive coordinator and QBs coach at Clarke Central.  We're looking forward to the upcoming season!
STILL THE GREATEST! - I believe that the biggest threat to our Country is coming from within.  There are people in our Country who are actively trying to turn Americans against each other; actively trying to turn Americans against their Country; and actively trying to make EVERYTHING about race.
We still live in the greatest Country in the world.  We have more diversity and more opportunity than any other country in existence.  Even though we are not perfect, every person has the chance to succeed in the USA.
While many public schools are teaching a philosophy that tears at the fabric of America, we are teaching our students to love our Country.  And, we are teaching our students to treasure our democracy.
YEAR 52! - The 2021-22 school year will be our 52nd year of ministry at Athens Christian School.  The Lord has been so good to us during five decades of service.
Drs. Buhl and Lois Cummings founded ACS in 1970 with the vision of providing a "quality education in a Christian atmosphere."  ACS was started as an alternative to public education after God was removed from public schools.
While many things have changed over 52 years, our commitment to providing a Biblically-based, rigorous education has remained the same.  We are so thankful for what God has done for us during our long history, and we look forward with great enthusiasm to what He will continue to do through this ministry in the future.