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Thank you for your interest in employment at Athens Christian School. We hire professionals who are committed to the Lord and have a testimony of faith, who are dedicated to the instruction and learning of our students, who excel in their field and desire to work in an environment where teamwork and unity is the standard protocol.


Middle School Principal/ High School Principal - Athens Christian Upper school currently serves 360 students from 6-12th grade. ACS currently has an upper school principal, but plans to transition the organizational structure to a middle school and high school with a principal for each division. ACS desires to find a dynamic educational leader who has the experience and gifting to lead either the middle school or high school department. The current upper school principal will serve in either the middle school or high school role. 
  • Possess a thriving relationship with Jesus and desire to share that relationship with their students
  • Align with ACS statement of faith, mission and values 
  • A leadership style of collaborative, humble leadership
  • A mastery of current educational technology and strategies
  • At minimum a master’s degree in education
  • Minimum of 3 years of administrative experience
  • Work collaboratively with the Administrative team in the following areas: Curriculum, Organizational Policies, Budgeting, Accreditation, Strategic Planning, Staff Recruitment/Hiring, Admissions Support, Community Relations.
  • Organize and facilitate professional development for either the middle school or high school staff
  • Work in collaboration with Dean of Students and Dean of Spiritual Life to cultivate and maintain a culture of growth among the students and faculty of the middle or high school
  • Lead the decision-making process regarding the academic placement, retention, and probation of middle or high school students.
  • Collaborate with parents in training up their student both academically and relationally 
  • Oversee daily operations of the middle or high school
  • Function as the academic head of the middle or high school 
Middle school social studies teachers will teach 4-5 instructional periods of Social Studies that are no more than two different preparations. The middle school curriculum consists of 6th grade world history, 7th grade Georgia history, and 8th grade American History. Middle School teachers often are also asked to teach a Bible class consisting of only boys or girls, depending on the gender of the teacher. 
  • Possess a thriving relationship with Jesus and desire to share that relationship with their students
  • Have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in Middle or High School Social Studies (state certification preferred)
  • Align with ACS statement of faith, mission and values 
  • Have a passion to help students learn and grow
  • prefer a minimum of 3 years of classroom experience
  • Model Christlike attitudes and behaviors for students and families including faith, love, repentance and high personal standards of spiritual growth
  • Create meaningful relationships with students and families, with the goal of child development at the forefront
  • Deliver the materials that align with course objectives and curriculum guides
  • Submit weekly lesson plans so parents and students have clear understanding of regular expectations
  • Incorporate a variety of instructional methods to strive to engage all students and meet the academic, spiritual and emotional needs of students
  • Provide regular formative and summative assessments and record graded assignments in a timely manner
  • Create and maintain a classroom culture and environment conducive to creative learning