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The Athens Christian School Board of Directors serves as the governing body of the school.  Their primary responsibility is to establish policies and strategies that will allow the School to carry out its Mission.  The Board consists of ACS parents, alumni, and community leaders. Board members agree to serve a four year term and typically meet once a month as a large group or more often in their committees.  The Board works in close partnership with the Head of School and the Administration in strategic planning and implementation.


Frank Beedle - Chairman
Will Sprague - Vice Chairman
Susan Beacham - Secretary
Cary Rivers
Antonio Martin
Kevin Christian
Kim Huff Wheless
Marti Brick
Steve Cummings - Head of School
Drs. Buhl and Lois Cummings - Emeritus
Front Row: Susan Beacham, Marti Brick, Kim Wheless
Back Row: Will Sprague, Kevin Christian, Nick Dalton, Frank Beedle, Steve Cummings